What happens when BOMB gets to peg?

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2 min readNov 28, 2021

Thanks for taking the time to read what about the exciting moment when BOMB reaches its peg price for the first time.

This article makes many assumptions of asset prices and should not be considered financial advice.

Assumptions required for calculation

We will need to make a few assumptions to do the calculations, but real values will be used where possible:

BTC Price: $54,000 (Accurate as of this writing)

BOMB Price: $5.50 (Price must be above 1.01 of peg, so 54,000 BTC requires BOMB > 5.45)

Circulating supply: 154,306 (Accurate as of writing, but factors in BOMB reward farm being depleted, which will be true Nov 30th after 23:00 UTC)

BSHARE staked in boardroom: 89.6 (Accurate as of writing)

BSHARE price: $80.44 (Accurate as of writing)

First Epoch Above Peg

Every 6 hours we experience a new epoch. Once the time weighted average price (TWAP) of BOMB is over 1.01, the boardroom will reward all who have staked BSHARE there.

As per our BOMB distribution guide in the documentation, until the supply of BOMB is over 500,000, we will have expansions of 4.5%.

With a circulating supply of 154,306, at epoch, the entire amount of BOMB minted will be: 6,943.77

Of this, 20% goes to the treasury fund and dev, leaving: 5,555.016

With 89.6 BSHARES staked in the boardroom, each BSHARE would receive 61.99 BOMB ($340.99).

Daily Return

I certainly do not anticipate the BSHARE price to remain at $80 with BOMB over peg, but given that is the price in our example, we will calculate daily return based on it.

Every $80.44 BSHARE would return $1,363.95 worth of BOMB daily ($340.99 x 4 epochs).

At todays BSHARE price, and a $5.50 BOMB price, you would nearly 17x your money on a daily basis just by staking BSHARE.

How To Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved, a separate more thorough article will be written just on this topic alone. For now, I will recommend farming one of our very lucrative farms, and staking your reward in the boardroom. All farms have direct links to provide liquidity, so you can easily get the LP tokens you need.

BOMB+BTCB Farm paying 14.4% daily APR (as of writing)

BSHARE+BNB Farm paying 30.91% daily APR (as of writing)


Our protocol is not the easiest to understand. We know that, and we are here to help. Come talk to us and the great community we are building on our telegram channel:



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