BOMB Shell: Community vote, Beefy and more!

BOMB Shell: May 2 Update
BOMB Shell: May 2 Update


What a great week we’ve had, many of our puzzle pieces are falling together and the BOMB Money protocol is thriving as a result!

Community Vote BMIP 008

Our latest vote to lower the required TWAP for prints was a huge success!

It was an overwhelming victory to adjust the required TWAP down to 1.001 from 1.01. I suggest reading the vote to get a good understanding of the changes if you haven’t already:

This will allow us to do prints ranging from 0.1% expansion to 0.99% expansion, which previously were not possible due to requiring peg TWAP to be 1.01. Here is a chart showing the difference before the changes and after:

Expansions before and after the change
Expansions before and after the change

This change has been submitted to the timelock controller and will take effect in 7 days. Can’t wait to see it in action!

Beefy Partnership

If you haven’t seen them already, we now have our three main farms on Beefy Finance. Make sure to check them out at the links below!




These farms now have a combined TVL of over $1.2 million, with the BOMB/BTCB farm leading the way with $765k by itself. Over the past few days we have seen a large increase of buy pressure which has led to several continuous prints, well done all!

We have noticed that many of the buys coming in are coming from Beefy, it has been a great success so far!

Discussions are ongoing about getting the 80/20 MAXI farms on Beefy, but due diligence needs to be done on ACSI before they will move forward with those vaults. We will be sure to keep the community updated on if/when those vaults will get deployed on Beefy!

How to Print Forever

If you haven’t already, make sure to read our How To print Forever guide! As a whole, the community has been following this guide very well, this is one of the reasons why our peg is so stable. The more “good actors” we can educate, the stronger our protocol becomes, we all win! One note to add to this, there will always be BOMB sells, this is completely normal. Rather than focus on these, let’s all make a community effort to build our protocol, create new use cases and promote the BOMB money ecosystem to others!

New UI

Our new UI is closer than ever to completion! Whilst we cross the T’s and dot the I’s, you can stake your BOMB and/or BTCB over at our BOMB Max site! Soon we will have the leverage up and running for all to use. We expect this to be a heavily used system, providing yet another huge use case for BOMB at the same time!

Within the next week we will have full access to our Dev running the show (as he is currently completing a time and resource consuming project) so we expect to be able to crack on with the remainder of the UI in a much shorter timeframe.

With that being said, we would again like to congratulate you all on an awesome week, let’s all keep working together and printing! We can’t wait to share with you everything we have planned, (keep on eye on bullish is an understatement.

Two Based Boys,

Aaron and Dan



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