BOMB Shell Update: BTC SS, Alpha & More

APR 25 BOMBSHELL Update: BTC SS, Alpha & More!


What a week we’ve had! Peg has been extremely stable, resulting in numerous prints. Congratulations all!

Weekly Recap

It has been an exciting week for BOMB! Peg has been stable, thanks to the cooperation of all our loyal #BOMBERS! We finalized the strategy guides mentioned last week, you can find them here:

BTC Mainnet Single Staking

I am proud to say that BTC Mainnet staking has really taken off in the last 1–2 weeks more than we have expected! Soon we will have taken in over 1 million USD of Bitcoin, and the BTC mainnet stakers are getting very close to owning 25% of all BOMB-BTCB LPs!

I am sure they will own 50% of all BOMB-BTCB liquidity in the near future!

In case you missed it, our BTC Single Stake has had some quality YouTube coverage recently! Check the video out from James Pelton:

As well, Crypto Mischief did a short, but great, video about all things BOMB:

Status Updates on Various

Beefy Finance- We have recently heard back from our contacts within Beefy, they are currently going through the final checks and will get back to us soon! We would assume that this means that the vaults will be deployed within the next few days max, but it is completely out of our control, so no guarantees!

UI Status- Our new UI is looking great! We are currently working out the final kinks, emphasis is on polishing the basic functionalities so we can get them finished so that we can release the new UI sooner rather than later! Because the leverage and borrow abilities are dependent on having single assets staked, we will allow access to the new UI prior to the leverage and borrow abilities being enabled. This will let our users start to seed the single asset stakes, so leverage can be utilized immediately on release!

Midas Capital Status- We will have access to their staging UI to test everything this week, when this happens we will be able to share our findings with you! As well, we will have a more concrete production release date soon.

Synapse- Unfortunately, despite being told we would have our bridge deployed within a few short days, we have received this update from Synapse after numerous weeks of trying to get them to make progress:

We have already been looking into alternatives and have contacted them, stay tuned for an update on this.

What has BOMB Team Been Up to?

The last two weeks Handford and myself have been very busy working on a large addition to the BOMB ecosystem. We have been keeping details of this secret project tightly under wraps and will release details slowly over the course of the next month.

We have come up with a plan that will ensure BOMBs success for BTC Mainnet stakers and DeFi users for many years to come.

The main objectives of this new addition are:

  • Sustainability for BTC Mainnet stakers and DeFi users
  • Ability to provide additional offerings to BTC Mainnet stakers
  • Numerous other advantages that we will discuss in the future 😉

The based boys,

Aaron & Dan




A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC.

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Bomb Money

Bomb Money

A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC.

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