BOMBSHELL: June 6th -CZpegs, Midas, Tarot and more!


What a week we’ve had! CZpegs has been a great success so far, we’ve been smashing the AMA’s, ramping up marketing and getting new eyes on the project, as well as new eyes and buys on BOMB!

How is CZpegs doing?

When we originally released CZpegs the BOMB community was torn, some thought it was a great idea, whereas others were against it, for a few different reasons. I’m sure we can now appreciate how much CZpegs has already done for BOMB! We had the initial BOMB sells due to people wanting to jump into CZpegs, this was expected and swiftly dealt with. Since the launch of CZpegs we have bought around $250,000 of BOMB from genesis pool fees, over-peg token sells and shares, pretty impressive if you ask us! It is important to note that these buys are just the beginning, we will continue to use revenue to support both BOMB and CZpegs as and when needed. These buys will be done at our discretion to avoid people gaming the system and we won’t let the protocol solely rely on them. The release of our auto compounders, as well as new investors, will generate large amounts of token buy pressure!

Midas Capital

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our partnership with Midas Capital here! What does Midas do, how does it help BOMB and CZpegs?

You can easily supply BOMB (they turn it into xBOMB behind the scenes), BOMB/BTCB LP (they turn it into the AUTO-VAULT RECEIPT TOKEN LP behind the scenes) or BTCB!

Once supplied, you are then able to borrow BTCB only against your assets, if you so please!

BOMB — max LTV of 30%
BOMB/BTCBLP — max LTV of 50%
BTCB — max LTV of 80%

Once borrowed, you can use this BTCB to purchase more of our peg tokens, supporting the protocol and increasing the size of your bags!

We highly encourage you to use this tool as a safe haven for excess/printed BOMB! Once printing, this, along with BOMB max single asset staking, will be a couple of the best uses for your BOMB! If you’re risk adverse there is no need to borrow any assets, you can simply supply and earn a great APR on any of the options mentioned above! If we could all add a portion of our portfolios in, we can get Midas off to a great start, whilst making the whole system useable for the masses! Any questions please feel free to ask in our socials!

BTC Single Stake on

Our BTC mainnet option,, is firing away still! We are taking in multiple deposits per day with varying amounts. We have seen a regular theme so far, as soon as BTC starts to pump we get more coming in! Let’s just say we’re ready for BTC to fly past $50k again, deposits will come in thick and fast which will add a load of liquidity and buying pressure to BOMB! We are also in the process of changing the UI there to be more user friendly, especially on mobile, so that our marketing efforts are more effective, keep an eye out for this!

Complete Tarot Fork

Talking about staking and leverage… We are currently working on a complete Tarot fork, with all the bells and whistles! Once complete we will be offering this tool to other protocols (TOMB forks and all other protocols!), this will add a huge revenue stream for BOMB and CZpegs, with buybacks being a priority! We can’t wait to get this out, just give us a few weeks to complete it!

BOMB and CZpegs basics, what you can do to help!

Changing the subject slightly, let’s touch on the basics of TOMB forks quickly. We really want to get the message across that there is a way to support the protocol and take profits in a safe and responsible manner by selling the share token, (CZshares or BSHARES) in small chunks. If you’re selling the main peg tokens you are only hurting your own bags in the end by dropping us further below peg, which impacts share price, which lowers APR as well as how much your farms/boardroom stashes are worth! Soon we will have educational videos out to help teach/preach all of our users about each protocol. Included in these will be basic website guides, specific page guide, strategy guides and, of course, how to support the protocol by being a “good actor”!


I have (Handford) been toying with the idea of having a BOMBER chat (maybe even a Pegger chat), where people involved get early access to new additions (think Tarot fork website), they get to hear our ideas first and can really get stuck into the core of BOMB (and CZpegs) with us! They might even get early access to things such as Bomb Chain, new NFT’s, who knows… How do I get entry to this you ask? I will most likely go down the route of “good actor” selection by looking at wallets to see if the person is continuing to help the protocol in the best way they can! If you think this is a good idea let me know on the socials and I’ll set it up!

Final Thoughts

We are over the moon with how well CZpegs has done so far, remember this is just the beginning for both protocols! Top tip, if you see a token under peg, now is the time to buy… If you get our drift… Keep an eye out on our socials for more upcoming AMA’s, YouTube videos and shills!

The Based Boys,

Dan and Aaron




A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC.

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Bomb Money

Bomb Money

A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC.

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