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3 min readJul 25, 2023


Loyal Bombers, Peggers:

Two major things to announce today — Details on our new project, and a fun refresh on everyone’s favorite project, OG BOMB!


Everyone has made it overwhelmingly clear that of all our seigniorage projects, OG BOMB is the favorite. While we work to complete our latest project, I thought of a fun way to bring some life back to OG BOMB.

A revamped OG BOMB has been launched. Planned to have started Thursday, a timelock on our BBOND contract is going to delay everything working until 7 days from today. A few key changes:

1. New 1,000,000 : 1 PEG. The same way governments fix their money problems with inflation, we will fix BOMB’s peg — hyperinflation! A new treasury and boardroom has been launched to reflect this new peg. Pegging and printing will be a very common thing now!

2. New share token. A new share token has been launched and will be used to earn BOMB from the new boardroom.

3. New method to farm share tokens. We will use BONDING as the main mechanic to earn new share tokens. You will be able to trade in LP tokens from BOMB pair and our new SHARE pair to earn the new shares!

The contracts are all completed and deployed, and the boardroom epoch 1 will start Thursday at 12:00 EST. It will not be able to rollover the first epoch until BBOND timelock expires, so whoever is in that boardroom in a week will be getting MANY prints all at once!! I will work to have the front-end complete within next day or two. Because the first people in the boardroom will get so many prints, we wont allow anyone to earn the new B2SHARE until the 7 days has passed. 1 B2SHARE has been added to the liquidity pool for whoever wants to own it!

This revamped OG BOMB is meant to be a fun addition to the ecosystem, something to play with and hopefully make some money with as we build out our latest project over the next 4–8 weeks!

B2SHARE will be another great automatic revenue stream for PHUB! Load up while it’s under $1,000 NFA!

And without further ado, we’re please to introduce you to our next project — TeamToken!

The New Playbook: TeamToken’s Game-Changing Approach to Crypto and Sports

We’re thrilled to unveil TeamToken, the next frontier in the sports and crypto landscape. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, TeamToken allows fans to tap into the thrill of team ownership by way of our innovative NFTs.

At the core of TeamToken are our unique TeamNFTs, digital representations of sports teams that pave the way for an unparalleled engagement experience. By owning a TeamNFT, you’re not just a fan, you’re a stakeholder. You’ll get a share of the real-world team’s performance revenue, paid out in TeamToken, our ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. Take a deep dive into the TeamToken ecosystem by reading our comprehensive whitepaper.

Setting ourselves up for a winning season, we’ve partnered with a true all-star — NinjaPromo, the top marketing agency in Web3. Together, we are crafting a powerful marketing strategy to ensure the success of our presale and the growth of TeamToken beyond.

We invite you to join us Thursday at 12pm EDT for a live AMA session where we’ll dive deep into TeamToken and discuss all of the future plans for the project. Be the first to experience the future of sports fandom ahead of all the marketing campaigns we have planned. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have on the upcoming project!

In the arena of sports and crypto, TeamToken is a game-changer. Be a part of this revolution and join the ranks of digital team owners. The game is on!




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