Day 2: Regain PEG + xBOMB Status Update

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2 min readMar 5, 2022


This is an update to our original article Operation: Regain Peg & xBOMB Promo
As well, a follow up article
Guide to Maintaining PEG is available

What an exciting first two days of our xBOMB promotion, and more importantly, our campaign to regain peg 1.0+!

Peg Status

We really banded together as a unit, all with the same goal, and made incredibly progress on our move towards peg. This happened much faster and with more efficiency than I thought possible! Well done everyone who has done their part to help regain peg!

Currently over 0.9 peg, it seems 1.0 should be right around the corner! We reached the second milestone (over 0.85 peg) for the second daily reward payment! Amazing progress BOMBERS!

I can’t say enough how impressive it is that the community was able to come together in such short time to make such a large impact!! #BOMBSQUAD STRONG!

xBOMB Promotion

We have had almost 500,000 BOMB deposited into xBOMB since the promotion was announced!

Promotion Improvement

Due to how quickly we are approaching peg, I’ve decided to make the promotion even MORE beneficial to participants, by extending its duration 2 additional days once we reach peg. This means that for two full days, xBOMB will receive both the 1.5% daily promotion BOMB, as well as 20% of all BOMB minted from the boardroom!

Rewards Paid

March 4th ~3:00 PM EST — 701,394 bomb in xBOMB

7014 BOMB were sent to xBOMB as rewards:

March 5th ~3:30PM EST — 788,350 bomb in xBOMB

11825.25 BOMB (1.5% bonus applied!) sent to xBOMB:

What to do Wen Peg Ser?

Immediately after this article is posted, I will begin work on an entire new article dedicated to optimal actions once peg is reached.

This will include steps we can all take that will be beneficial for our own portfolios in the short and long term, and ensure a healthy peg for the foreseeable future.





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