Dec 27 BOMB Shell Monday!

Bomb Family,

Welcome to another BOMB Shell Monday!

Our Christmas Burn went off without a hitch, with $1,000,000 USD worth of BOMB (over 10% of circulating supply) being burnt on Christmas Day! This burn went a long way to solidify the value and ratify the faith that our holders currently maintain — and make all new investments into BOMB much more impactful!

BOMB’s focus in 2022 is going to be on repaying the community’s hard work and loyalty with reliable and constant growth! We have an aggressive roadmap planned for 2022, and will continue to add to it. Our increased development staff (being onboarded early next month) will ensure we execute on our plan with precision.

I was very humbled by the reception of my first BOMB AMA (thank you!!). You have my word that I will continue to deliver more content like this! You can expect to see weekly content coming out from us in the form of AMA’s, original Bomb videos, livestreams, and chats.

We are growing our BOMB family through advertisement, outreach, and video content! We’re going to be seeing a lot of new BOMB members eager to learn about how they can grow their money — so let’s welcome them all!

Some additional announcements:

  • Last week’s Bombshell Monday has generated a HUGE amount of hype from our community, various institutions, and investors in the BTC world. We’ve already had several large mining firms, BTC holders, and crypto based wealth management companies reach out to us to discuss how we can integrate their holdings and their clients’ holdings into our protocol. Expect BTC Mainnet staking to be ready for use within the next week.
  • Just finished up recording another interview AMA, look forward to release this week!
  • We have our own custom BSC full node with RPC that is a gift from us to any of our investors who would like to use it for a more responsive experience with the Binance Smart Chain! RPC server is:

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our visions for bomb!

We hope everyone has had an amazing Holiday season and is excitedly gearing up for 2022!

The year of Bomb is almost upon us!

Your Based Dev,




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