Feb 21: Huge BOMB Shell Update!



I spend all day every day working on BOMB, engaging the community, brainstorming new features and other miscellaneous BOMB activities. I’ve noticed that the strength of our core pair, BOMB-BTCB, can be easily overlooked. I’d like to quickly recap what makes our primary pair, BOMB-BTCB, stand out from the crowd — it truly is in a league of its own.


  • BOMB as a protocol and asset has stood the test of time, holding up even in negative markets
  • BOMB-BTCB offers returns typically only found on high-risk assets, without the associated risk. Best risk-reward ratio investment worldwide (not financial advice)
  • Full exposure to the largest, safest, and most well-known crypto — Bitcoin (BTCB + BTC PEG BOMB), while earning degen high DeFi yields.

As many of you likely know, we have some big changes coming to our user interfaces. A much-needed addition will be a new “mini-site” which will almost entirely focus on BOMB-BTCB. This includes:

  • A TON of additional functionality surrounding our BOMB-BTCB farm/pair (More on this Wednesday during livestream)
  • UI focused on simplicity, increased conversions, and greater insight into vital info
  • Wider target audience — everything from new investors, to institutional
  • One stop shop (tutorials, fiat on-ramp, asset swaps, — all without leaving the site)

More on this Wednesday, bring your best questions!


THE DAY HAS COME — Bitcoin staking from BTC Mainnet has arrived! No prior DeFi or blockchain knowledge required. BOMBBTC.com has been designed to be as simple as possible, but at the same time offers returns that are unheard of in the market! Since release, APR has been steady at or above 100%.

Head on over to bombbtc.com to check it out! It is everything we’ve promised and MORE!

We have a full support team, knowledgebase, live chat and more to help you on your staking journey.

I’d suggest giving these two articles a read to get an understanding of how it works, and the risks associated.

What are the risks?

BOMB BTC Rewards Explained


Our BTC Single staking will be offered in rounds. This allows us to control inflows, to ensure we can allocate funds safely and generate great returns without additional risk.

Our first round is live and was soft launched earlier this week. This round will be limited to 100 BTC. We already have many staking positions initiated, despite lack of any marketing or awareness raising!

Additional staking options will be available in our second round, which we feel will appeal to the “BTC Maxi” more than the current. Ask me about this during my livestream and on Friday in my twitter space.


Earning BSHARES? Got spare BOMB? Throw it into our newest farm!

Yesterday, Feb 20th at 6:40PM EST, voting concluded on our second BOMB Money Improvement Proposal (BMIP 002: New Incentivized Rewards Pool — BOMB-BSHARE LP). Voting was back and forth, but in the end, the community approved the new incentivized LP pair with 72.8% voting YES.

Despite the holiday today, I ensured that this new pool, farm, and corresponding auto-compounding vault, were all setup and ready for use!

We have already had over half a million USD of deposits into this farm, without formally announcing it! It seems this will be a BOMBSQUAD favorite! We may need to revisit the allocation percentages if its popularity keeps increasing — we can propose new distribution of rewards if the community feels a rebalance is needed.

I will be posting a Medium article specifically about this new farm, its benefits, impacts, and more. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more, reach out to us in any of our communities/social channels.

Another great community request brought to fruition! Many thanks to our devoted members for the idea, and for pushing the team to make it happen!

Get started in our farm on our core website, or jump right into the auto-compounding vault with the links below!

Farm: https://app.bomb.money/farm/BombBshareLPBShareRewardPool

Vault: https://www.bomb.farm/#/bsc/vault/bomb-bomb-bshare


I was very happy with the talented group that assisted in getting BTC Single stake production ready within only a few days of accepting the task. I knew immediately with their skillset, combined with existing resources on the team, we would combine to become an unstoppable force.

This group of devs sees the vision of BOMB, and gladly accepted my request for an ongoing close relationship. You can expect to see continuous improvements to BTC single stake such as additional features, better stats, and more.

Most importantly, they will take the lead charge in developing our new web interfaces, with assistance from current team members including myself.

THANK YOU (yes, you!)!

This is simply a thank you. To you, the reader, the BOMBER! You have stuck with us through thick and thin, through bears and bulls, through FUD and hype, to this point! None of this would be possible without our community. The BOMB Team and I deeply appreciate your support, devotion, and feedback — and we’re honored to have each and every one of you here! We’re all pulling in the same direction, and I can’t wait to see what else we’re going to do together!





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