Jan 3, 2022 BOMB Shell Monday!


Welcome to 2022 — year of the BOMB!

I’m going to keep this BOMB Shell Monday update brief as I’ve been very busy working on getting our new BOMB HQ office setup and interviewing potential hires to grow the BOMB TEAM. In addition to this, I have also setup a mini-studio so we can produce high quality video content via AMAs, live streams, and YouTube videos. You can expect to see at minimum 1–2 videos/live streams per week from me!

As many of our keen community members know, the BOMB protocol will be in a debt phase for 10+ printing epochs, until Treasury has built up enough BOMB to repay BBOND holders. For those who haven’t studied the documentation, this simply means that our boardroom payouts will be 35% of their normal print, as 65% is held to payout the BBOND holders.

Instead of waiting for over 10 printing epochs to return to 100% payouts from the boardroom, it has been decided that action will be taken to speed up debt repayment tremendously.

HUGE NEWS — Massive Debt Relief, NOW!

The protocol owned wallet will be using over 250,000 BOMB (about 1/5th of current supply, worth well in excess of 1 million USD) to directly pay back debt!! The first transaction of exactly 250,000 BOMB has already been completed: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x1e57ad57ccdfd51d0627010773a9580a107ff0fd7fd0d26cd26bd5f1947e9ad3

As the protocol wallet accumulates more BOMB from its share of the boardroom rewards, additional BOMB will be sent to speed up debt repayment.

This means getting our boardroom back to printing 100% ASAP!!

BTC Mainnet Staking Update

This much anticipated and hyped feature is right around the corner! Some delays were experienced due to holidays, and additional work being done to safeguard BOMB protocol users as well as the incoming BTC mainnet asset stakers.

It is critical for this feature to be 100% rock solid, thoroughly tested, and safe. I anticipate being able to offer some great updates on this feature next BOMB Shell Monday, with its release not long after that time. Thank you all for your patience here!

Marketing & Conclusion

Within the next few days, we have a highly targeted banner ad campaign starting, which we anticipate to bring in a wealth of new users to the community. We will maintain all existing campaigns even after this new marketing push begins.

Be sure to follow our twitter account, and join in on Telegram and/or Discord to get updates on when I will be doing live streams, and to be the first to catch new video content!

Based Dev / #1 BOMBER,




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