July 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & Details

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3 min readJul 11, 2022
July 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & Details
July 11 BOMB Shell: bitBOMB Final Countdown — Update & Details

Today, let’s look at specifics regarding the upcoming bitBOMB launch! I will keep this BOMB Shell update brief as there is lots of work to do in preparation of our big launch just two days away!

bitBOMB Asset Swap

We will allow swapping from BSHARE, BOMB, and BBOND into new bitBOMB assets starting Wednesday July 13th at 1PM EST (5PM UTC).

The swap web interface will be available within the next 24 hours. Once completed, you will be able to migrate tokens at the following web address: migrate.bitbomb.io


Both BOMB and BBOND will be swappable into any of the four peg tokens. BBOND will work identically to BOMB, so I will just refer to BOMB in the sections below. All exchange rates and stats mentioned for BOMB apply directly to BBOND as well.

The following swaps/migrations will be running for 24 hours. Additional swap options will continue to be available in the future, after the protocol has built up some peg tokens from boardroom prints.


bitBTC is the evolution of the BOMB token. It is pegged at a 10,000:1 ratio to BTC, just the same way BOMB is.

Starting Supply: 500,000 Tokens

BOMB to bitBTC Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 1 bitBTC


Our new Polkadot (DOT) pegged token.

Starting Supply: 45,000

BOMB to bitDOT Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 0.3 bitDOT


Cosmos (ATOM) peg.

Starting Supply: 35,000

BOMB to bitATOM Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 0.225 bitATOM


Our PegHub governance vote winner, Cardano (ADA)!

Starting Supply: 650,000

BOMB to bitADA Exchange Rate: 1 BOMB = 4.5 bitADA


BSHARE will be swappable to bitSHARE at a 100:1 ratio. The BSHARE swap will open at the same time as our BOMB and BBOND swaps, and will continue to run until all bitSHARE have been claimed.

A total of 400 bitSHARE will be available for swaps.

More on bitBOMB Coming Soon

As you can imagine, I’m focusing all of my time on ensuring the bitBOMB launch goes flawlessly, which I have no doubt it will. I’m planning a full bitBOMB article later this week to go in detail on all things bitBOMB. Stay tuned!

PegHub Ecosystem Improvements and Organizational Growth

As mentioned in previous BOMB Shell updates, one of the most bullish things we have going on right now is the continued growth of the PegHub Ecosystem team. We have over 25 experts in various fields including development, design, marketing, product management, and customer service all working both together on the overall PegHub Ecosystem, as well as on their individual Ecosystem products: PegHub bitBOMB, CZPegs, BombBTC, and a couple of unannounced projects already in the works. With most of the heavy lifting complete for the bitBOMB launch, we are already working on significant improvements to the overall PegHub Ecosystem to solidify it as the one true place for all DeFi investors to trust and grow with us.

Stay connected on our Discord and Telegram channels so you don’t miss all the bullish news and updates coming your way over the coming weeks!

The next step on our 5B TVL journey starts Wednesday. Set your alarm and don’t miss out on your chance to get bitBOMB, bitDOT, bitATOM, bitADA, and bitSHARE. If our PegHub presale was any indication, the allotted coins will be scooped up in no time!





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