July 18 BOMB Shell: Game Changing PegHub Ecosystem Improvements & More!

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BOMB Shell: Game Changing PegHub Ecosystem Improvements & More!
BOMB Shell: Game Changing PegHub Ecosystem Improvements & More!

bitBOMBERS and Peggers: Welcome to one of the most bullish updates to date! I tried to keep it as concise as possible but with this much alpha it was almost impossible.

bitBOMB Launch — Build Your Bags Before the Bull Run

As those of us that have been in crypto for a while know, there’s nothing more exciting than a bull run! When things are going well in crypto, the communities are euphoric and everyone’s making money hand over fist. The entire crypto market has been in a bearish trend for over half a year now causing many projects get run into the ground. However, we are still going strong and continuing to build so that all of us can enjoy the eminent bull run — in fact, today’s BTC high price was the highest in over a month. We all know crypto is here to stay, and I strongly believe we are nearing the next bull run.

That brings us to the bitBOMB launch. We couldn’t be happier with the success of the launch and have so much planned for not only bitBOMB, but the entire PegHub Ecosystem as you’ll see below. This is the perfect time to stock up on all the blue-chip coins that are going to see significant price increase in the next bull run. That’s why with the PegHub Ecosystem, you can farm the most solid and trusted long-term growth coins in all of crypto: BTC, ADA, DOT, ATOM, BNB, ETH or even a stable coin like BUSD — all with yields you just can’t get anywhere else!

It’s a no brainer for anyone looking to be successful in crypto investing.

bitBOMB Bootstrap Phase

As many of you already know, for the first 21 epochs of all four boardrooms, we mint new tokens regardless of what peg is at. This is to increase the supply and distribution of tokens immediately after launch. We are now about halfway through this bootstrap phase — be sure to pick up bitSHARE to take advantage of those nice boardroom prints!!

Remember, the purpose of the bootstrap phase is to increase the circulation of tokens, and to give us the tokens we need to build up liquidity. We made the strategic decision to increase the tax/burn on token sales a little over a day ago. This was a difficult decision to make, but as with all decisions we make, we felt it would be in the best interest of protocol participants.

It’s in the best interest of the entire community to work together to make each project we participate in successful. In order to do that, one of the easiest and most important things we can all do is to not sell peg tokens from the boardroom while the token is under peg. By selling these tokens while under peg, it makes natural boardroom prints after the bootstrap phase further and further away. As a result, under peg tokens end up hurting the value of bitSHARE. What this means is that the people who are staking bitSHARES and selling their rewards under peg are actually devaluing their own bitSHARE bags.

What Should I Do With Boardroom Rewards?

Pair them up with fresh assets to farm!

We can do some basic math to show how advantageous it is to pair your boardroom prints with fresh assets to farm. Let’s make a few assumptions first:

1- You have peg tokens from boardroom prints

2- The peg of the token is under 1.0

3- You have access to some funds that you could use to pair

If I have peg tokens and we aren’t at 1.0 peg, I cannot earn with them sitting in my wallet.

Protocol launch was only a few days ago, the farms are paying extremely well.

For every $1,000 I bring to pair up with my peg tokens, I get a $2,000 farm (assuming I have enough peg tokens).

When you consider a farm is paying between 1% and 4% daily, and you can create a farm twice the size of whatever asset I am bringing to pair up, it makes it a very easy decision to move funds from elsewhere to pair. Effectively you would be getting 2–8% daily on those external funds, considering that the peg tokens are not farmable without pairing them. So not only does the external asset double in size, but the entire thing is now farmable.

Unless you are farming blue chip cryptos elsewhere for 2–8% daily, this is a no-brainer!

Not only is this a great farming opportunity, it is the best (and the intended) use of peg tokens minted from the boardrooms during bootstrap!

Selling peg tokens while below peg is forfeiting your tokens for less than their true value, and incurring a large tax penalty at the same time. Be smart with your assets — don’t sell them unless you are getting full value or more when they’re over peg!

I was in the exact situation described above and it was a simple decision to move funds from other projects/cryptos onto BSC and pair up with my boardroom prints. It was the easiest and smartest decision I’ve ever made!


I’ve got a lot to say about PegHub and it’s never been more bullish. Let’s start with the token itself.

PHUB Token

The PegHub token (PHUB) has been trending up, largely due to buybacks! We have yet to do any kind of marketing push for PHUB, and already we are around 4x presale prices. But this is just the beginning for this amazingly designed token!

Of the 10,000 total PHUB tokens, 3,200 are still locked up in the vesting contracts for another ~11 months. There has been over 125 PHUB tokens bought back with our protocol revenue automation! That is almost 2% of the circulating supply, and we just launched the automation within the last couple of weeks!

At the current PHUB price of $442, this equates to over $55,250 of buy backs so far! If you are not yet holding PHUB, I suggest you consider taking a position before we begin marketing campaigns focused on PegHub soon.

There is no question in my mind that this token will moon, even if it is strictly from buybacks alone! Read on to hear about our plans for PegHub and I think you will realize that however much PHUB you have, it’s not enough! Buy yours now.

PegHub Ecosystem — The Vision

We have some HUGE changes coming to PegHub as an ecosystem, and especially as a portal to our DeFi investment opportunities.

PegHub is a very strong brand. Within The PegHub Ecosystem, we have investment opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere in DeFi, largely from our peg token pairs on our current and future seigniorage protocols:

- Liquidity farming on many of the most highly regarded blue chip cryptos.

- 100% asset exposure to the specific crypto you choose to farm (as opposed to 50% in a typical pair).

- Very minimal impermanent loss issues due to how peg tokens track their peg asset.

- Returns exponentially higher than other staking options for these blue chip cryptos.

The Game Changer of a Plan

I have talked about the PegHub website in the past and have always said it would be a portal to our other protocols. While I think this is better than the current state of the PegHub website, we can and will do A LOT better!

Ultimately, we need to get our amazing passive income opportunities in front of more potential investors. And we need to package the offering in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. A typical BTC, DOT, BNB, etc. investor should not care what our peg is at or even how the entire protocol operates. The current protocol websites are great for full-fledged seigniorage veterans, but are much too complex, with too much information for your average investors who are used to clicking at most one or two buttons and their staking is complete.

This complexity has caused previous ad spends to not get the desired conversion results. Those familiar with tomb forks already know about us since we were the very first — so we need to refocus our targeting demographics and ease of use for the landing page where the ads are driving.

The Solution — The New dAPP and Other PegHub Ecosystem Pieces Coming Together

We are bringing the key aspects of all our seigniorage protocols together directly on the PegHub website! We have already rebranded a few of our shared web resources to PegHub and they are already available:

Auto compounding vaults: https://vaults.peghub.com

Swap site: https://swap.peghub.com

Landing page: A basic page similar to your average crypto dApp landing page. It will be simple, have a few stats, and mention our APRs and cryptos available to farm. For examples, think compound.finance’s landing page.

PegHub dApp: This is the big new feature! We are in the final design stages of a new UI for PegHub which will be simple to use and allow users direct access to buy & stake PHUB or enter any of our peg token farms — all without ever leaving the PegHub website! More on this in the next section.

Blog: Launching soon at https://blog.peghub.com. This is where we will post announcements, articles from myself and other team members, and more!

PegHub dApp Overview

We are solving numerous problems with the new dApp under development for PegHub. As a result we will also be getting some very handy additional benefits.

We want anyone to be able to feel confident investing in our farms. PegHub is designed around ease of use, great stats, and being very marketable. This means we need to be able to send random visitors to the PegHub.com website and have them immediately:

1) Know what we are about, what we do, and what we can do for them.

2) See stats to show how much can be earned using our farms.

3) Able to confidently jump into the farms without any previous DeFi experience. No prior knowledge of algocoins, tomb forks, pegs, or anything required to start farming!

Having a dApp like this will allow us to run heavy marketing campaigns similar to ones we have already done, but see better results and conversion rates. The current protocols’ web interfaces are trying to do too much and have an expectation of DeFi knowledge from their visitors. They are not direct enough about how to earn great yields and are too confusing to new users.

Stay tuned, this will be available before you know it (think next Bomb SHELL)!

What Can You Do To Help?

There are always things you can do to help other investors succeed just as much as you, while helping the entire PegHub Ecosystem. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, that’s your first step. Retweeting or engaging with our content not only helps spread the word but shows the power of our community to others just learning about the protocol. Another great strategy is to mention PegHub to your friends, family, and any of the other crypto communities you’re a part of. I’m not saying spam other communities, but if you’re in there already talking about crypto, let people know about the best opportunity in DeFi!

I can’t wait to talk about everything I’ve covered with you all in detail Wednesday during the live stream. Come ready with your questions or comments. Nothing is more important to us than feedback from the community.

bitBOMB on!




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