July 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB Migrations

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5 min readJul 25, 2022


July 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB Migrations
July 25 BOMB Shell: PegHub Official Launch, Benefits for bitBOMB & CZpegs, New Hires, BOMB Migrations


One of the most bullish updates yet, let’s dive right in!

PegHub Launch Tomorrow! How will this help bitBOMB and CZPegs?

As many of you know, one of the most exciting things to happen to any of our protocols is going live tomorrow — the PegHub Redesign! The reason I say “to any of our protocols” is because this is going to help bitBOMB, CZPegs, and the PHUB Token itself. For those that missed the AMA I went through the entire PegHub Ecosystem, you can watch an in-depth explanation here. To summarize, PegHub will become the best place in DeFi to stake blue-chip cryptos like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, and more. With PegHub, users will be able to join our bitBOMB and CZPegs farms, without any prior knowledge of DeFi, LP’s or algocoins — previously a huge barrier to entry for new investors. This improved user experience means a more consistent farming experience across all protocols, and that investors focused on increasing their blue-chip crypto positions can easily do so in PegHub’s auto-compounding vaults. Not only does this mean you can sit back and watch your stack grow, but it also helps keep the protocols healthy and driving towards peg given the auto-compounders do not sell the peg tokens.

The new, easy-to-use PegHub also provides the perfect opportunity to target more traditional investors who may have previously lacked the experience or confidence to invest in DeFi. With a fiat on-ramp, multiple wallet options (for those who don’t know how to use MetaMask), and a simplified UI, PegHub will become, as the slogan says, The Simplest Way to Earn High Yields on Blue Chip Crypto! As a result, I strongly anticipate bitBOMB and CZPegs investors will benefit the most.

New Hires — A Crypto Powerhouse!

As I’ve mentioned in previous Bomb Shells, I’ve been busy putting together a dream team to take PegHub, bitBOMB, CZPegs, and all future protocols to the next level. I’ve put together an incredible core team, each with real-world experience and strengths in different areas all complementing each other perfectly. We have officially been together as a full team for just over a week and already have made massive strides towards the longevity and success of the project. We’ll cover some of our long-term plans and roadmap in a future Bomb Shell.

Without further ado, I present the PegHub Ecosystem Core Team:

Chief Operating Officer

Rob joins us as our Chief Operating Officer, taking on responsibility for overseeing the planning & execution of our strategy, along with our business management, HR and risk management practices.

Rob’s worked in Financial Services for the last 15 years and is currently a Senior Manager with one of the UK’s largest banks. He has broad experience in programme management, HR, regulatory compliance, systems implementation and operational management. He’s been an investor in Bomb since the early days and is excited to leverage his experience to drive our ecosystem’s long-term success.

Rob will join us full-time from late September, but is already playing an active role in shaping our strategy. He’ll be fully doxxed in the coming weeks.

Chief Commercial Officer

Sanchez recently secured the role of Chief Commercial Officer, with responsibility for the protocol’s commercial performance, including revenue generation, TVL and oversight of marketing.

He joins us with over 15 years of experience in business operations including oversight of 10+ million in annual sales and leading a team of 25+ individuals.

Sanchez has been investing in crypto for over 7 years and is motivated by how algorithmic stablecoins can revolutionize the Defi world and how the yields can be life changing for investors. Sanchez is dedicated to bringing these opportunities to the masses.

Director of Protocol Development

Diamond has joined the team a month ago and will be leading protocol development. Having over 10 years in sales and customer service, he knows how to listen to and interpret the needs of the community and protocols. He has a background and experience as a scientist, where accuracy and critical thinking must be done under pressure, which has made him adaptable and comfortable working in fast-paced environments. Finally as an agile and adaptable developer/scrum master, he is able to help support the the team and its internal organization to ensure longterm growth and success.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Markuu has agreed to lead our marketing and communications efforts and I couldn’t be happier with the choice. He has over 10 years of digital marketing experience with a Fortune 500 company and has already taken our marketing efforts to the next level with a huge marketing push planned for the PegHub Redesign. Expect to see ad campaigns all over social, websites, and even traditional media.

BOMB To bitBOMB Migration — Phase 2

I know many of you have been asking what you can do with your Bomb tokens if you missed phase 1 migration. I can assure you that we have a plan that will satisfy everyone and not leave anyone behind. As part of the next migration, users will be asked to submit a form which will be processed by the bitBOMB team. Migration will remain active indefinitely at a 1:1 ratio for qualified users. This includes all node holders that bought BEFORE the migration as well as those that may have missed the first migration. As previously mentioned, we will not allow new purchases of Bomb to be migrated over due to the potential of people abusing the migration system. However, if you purchased Bomb before the phase 1 migration and happened to miss it, you will get a 1:1 swap for bitBTC. I am working on the phase 2 migration process and can assure you it will be available very soon, so OG Bombers can continue farming on the new bitBOMB site and take advantage of the incoming TVL about to flow in from the PegHub redesign.

Can you tell I’m excited about what’s to come? LFG!





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