June 13 BOMB Shell: Markets, Management, Hiring, PEGHUB, BOMBMAX, Upcoming Vote

BOMB Shell Monday: Markets, Management, Hiring, PEGHUB, BOMBMAX, Upcoming Vote
BOMB Shell Monday: Markets, Management, Hiring, PEGHUB, BOMBMAX, Upcoming Vote


Markets have been extremely disappointing for the last few months, and I’m hoping this recent, very hard, leg down is the last before we get our bounce.

Management Changes

I will keep this brief, as I’d rather focus on the positive news today. My previous partner, Dan Handford, has stepped down.


We need to grow our team! If you think you could be beneficial to BOMB in any of the following (rough) roles, please reach out to me via email at aaron@bomb.money

  • Project managers (need a few of these). Project managers will take “ownership” over their project, and be responsible for making their project the very best it can be. For now, I am looking for:
    - BOMB BTC, handle support requests, live chat, work with marketing team, figure out ways to increase web traffic, get better conversions from traffic we are getting, etc.
    - CZPEGS, I’d like to have 1 person handle each of our large ecosystem projects. Later in this article, this will make more sense, but for now I’d like to have someone manage CZPEGS. This includes hiring admins/mods to work chat and answer questions, and largely managing the day to day operations of the protocol. This also includes interacting with marketing teams, and communication with dev teams to make changes/fixes when needed.
  • Chief of Operations: Looking for someone to run the overall day to day business operations of BOMB Money ecosystem. This is similar to project managers mentioned above, but a level higher. Project managers would all report to the COO
  • Head of HR: Need someone to manage hiring and nurturing staff. This can be grouped in with COO role above if someone is multi-talented :)
  • Admins+Mods for communities like telegram and discord. Preferably the hiring of admins, mods will be done by a project manager. Having said that, if you are very talented feel free to reach out to me with your info!
  • More to come, that’s all I can think of for now!


Alright BOMBERS and PEGGERS, this is the big announcement everyone has been waiting for!

  1. Mainly to answer the question “DEV WEN PEG?”. I will explain below in detail, but the initial coin offering (ICO) for PHUB, will allow anyone to purchase the tokens with BOMB or BTCB. Until BOMB is at 1.1 peg, it will be cheaper to buy the tokens with BOMB. More on this in a sec.
  2. For users who believe in the BOMB Money team and our goals, this token will offer safety and consistent revenue from numerous different protocols. In the past, the only token you could buy if you believed in the team and project, is the volatile share tokens of each individual protocol. The PHUB token gives an additional option that should be much more stable.
  • We will value BOMB at 1.0 peg for the entire ICO regardless of what the current peg is at!!
  • PHUB purchases with BOMB will receive a 10% bonus!!
  • This makes it cheaper to participate in the PHUB ICO with BOMB as long as peg is under 1.1!


More big news!!

Very early version of our full Tarot Fork — BOMBMAX.FI
Early version of our full Tarot Fork — BOMBMAX.FI

Upcoming Vote

Alright, let’s keep this brief as I’ve already written too much for one week!


No matter what the markets want to do, we can build successful projects that can earn us all passive income. The bear market should be welcomed, it is a great opportunity for us to grow our bags cheap! Bear market only stops us if we let it stop is, but #BOMBERS are far too strong for that!!! BOMB ON!



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