MAR 14 BOMB Shell: Huge Giveaway + Capital Raise


Today’s BOMB Shell is going to be short and sweet!! I have many items that are on the cusp of being able to be announced, however not quite there yet. Expect more info soon!

Staff Change

Before getting into the giveaway, I wanted to mention a notable staff change that will greatly improve our BOMB BTC Single Stake offering.

Handford / Dan H has been appointed project lead on BTC single staking for BOMB. Dan’s attention to detail and work ethic will give the attention it needs to be able to thrive whilst starting to drive many more BTC stakers into the protocol.

Many changes have already been implemented to the web interface to give visitors more confidence/trust, access to important stats, as well as correcting various other minor issues.

Without further ado, here are the details for the giveaway:


1st place = 60 BSHARE

2nd place = 30 BSHARE

3rd place = 10 BSHARE

How do I take part in the giveaway?

  • Purchase new** BOMB only from the open market.
  • Purchase (convert to) BBOND with the BOMB you just bought.
  • Be one of the biggest spenders before the giveaway concludes!

Where is this reward coming from?

This giveaway is being funded by yours truly! I have decided to incentivise new BOMB and BBOND purchases from my own personal funds; anything for the BOMBSQUAD and protocol health!

When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway will conclude after we achieve 4 boardroom prints! Best be quick to buy your new BOMB and BBONDS, remember BBONDS are capped every epoch!

Giveaway T+C’s

If you believe you are in the running for one of the prizes, contact our official twitter @BombMoneyBSC or contact any of our admins in Telegram/Discord.

A user’s entries are limited to their 5 biggest BOMB purchases + BBOND swaps. Please ensure you make your transactions count!

*$50,000 value is based on a $500 BSHARE price, this is a conservative estimate based on previous price action. Holding above peg for multiple prints will see a huge demand for BSHARES as the boardroom will be paying out a very high APR!

**Only new BOMB purchases bought with fresh funds will count for this giveaway. You cannot sell any assets (BOMB, BSHARE, LP’s) and then purchase BOMB. These entries will not qualify! Please keep in mind that we will be monitoring all transactions closely. We have the right to disqualify anyone at our discretion, this includes peer to peer wallet transactions of other assets attempting to bend the rules. New BOMB buys only please!

Capital Raise for BOMB Money

Lately it has become apparent that BOMB would greatly benefit from having a large reserve of funds to influence the BOMB price towards peg when it is in need. We have spent far too long under peg, which has impacted our BSHARE value, and thus impacting our critical APRs.

All of this whilst only a few hundred thousand dollars are required to get us to peg. This made me realise that it would be beneficial for us to seek investment via a capital raise.

It is too early to say anything definitive, however we do have multiple interested parties. We are forming offers which will be attractive for these investors as well as very beneficial for the protocol. These funds will be used to provide core stability by purchasing specific tokens at the correct time!

I’d like to make it very clear that BOMB does not “require” a capital raise, it is simply something that would allow us more breathing room whilst deepening liquidity as well as being something that large investors are interested in.

Once the funds are secured, we will not be announcing when these purchases are being made. This is to prevent any front-running. However, the benefits should be obvious when this strategy is deployed, and we will of course let the community know after the fact.

Know a Potential Interested Investor?

We have two opportunities for potential investors, a short-term and longer-term option. Both are attractive offers with relatively low risk and lucrative returns. Please get in contact with me at for more details. Minimum 10 BTC investments only, please.





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