The Bomb Cycle: How to print forever!

The BOMB Cycle: How to print forever!
BOMB Cycle: How to print forever

What you need to know!

Well done BOMBERS, we have climbed back to peg and are doing a great job maintaining it! We prepared this article to educate all of our investors about how to keep the printer going forever!

Let’s get stuck in. To print for extended periods of time we need to minimize the selling of the BOMB token. Luckily, we have designed xBOMB to be a much better option for your Boardroom BOMB rewards than selling BOMB on the open market!

Based on current xBOMB staked (722,000) and a full print, once out of debt phase, 44,000 BOMB reward BOMB will enter xBOMB daily, for a ~2,000% APR!

  • 20% of all BOMB minted automatically goes to increasing the value of xBOMB. xBOMB will be the best paying protocol governance token in all of DeFi!
  • Three different options for depositing your 2,000% APR xBOMB and using it as collateral for borrowing, so you get to continue to earn, but still have access to funds for profit taking, or any other activity. More on this later in the article!

BOMB Cycle: Summary

BSHARE holders ideally want the Boardroom to keep printing new BOMB forever, because this will allow them to continue to get BOMB rewards 4x per day and make their BSHARES much more valuable.

Following these quick pointers will keep BOMB printing forever.

Once the boardroom prints, put reward BOMB to work elsewhere in the protocol!

  • Before selling any BOMB, check the BOMB peg. If BOMB is not over 1.1 peg, DO NOT sell BOMB, instead put it into xBOMB. This will earn you much more anyways and allow the whole protocol to keep generating you profit.
  • Take profits by selling BSHARE from manual farms or BUSM that you borrow at (both in small amounts at a time).

Following the above pointers will keep us printing indefinitely, but I do suggest reading the remainder of the article for a more detailed look at the BOMB Cycle!

Why xBOMB is #1 for newly minted Boardroom BOMB

xBOMB is a yield bearing token that also is used for voting on governance proposals at BOMB Money. It will have one of the best, or likely the very best, APR of any governance token in DeFi.

We are estimating that the xBOMB APR will be somewhere between 2000–2,000% once we are printing consistently and have gotten out of the debt phase (after a few days of printing).

In addition to this, you can continue to earn with your xBOMB, and use it to borrow tokens in a few different ways.

  • Using, you can deposit xBOMB and borrow our new US stablecoin BUSM. We are adding more liquidity every day for BUSM, which soon will allow for swapping large amounts of BUSM at 1.0 USD peg without any issues.
  • Likely launching this week, our partnership with Midas Capital ( will allow depositing xBOMB to borrow BTCB, or other assets. xBOMB is like a high interest earning Bitcoin, so depositing xBOMB to borrow BTCB is a very smart move!
  • We are still pursuing a partnership with Abracadabra Money. This will be much easier for us to get as we have more liquidity on BOMB, and more BOMB are staked for xBOMB. I see this likely happening sometime in the next month, if everything keeps up!

While we wait for all of the above three options to come to fruition / stabilize, you will want to get your BOMB into xBOMB as soon as possible to lock in the lowest ratio! For example, at this time 1 xBOMB is approximately 1.32 BOMB. After a few days of printing, that ratio will be much higher, so you will need more BOMB to get 1 xBOMB.

Even without all the borrowing options available immediately, it still makes sense to stake your BOMB for xBOMB to lock in the juicy APR! As we continue to print, and more BOMB gets staked for xBOMB, the APR will slowly go down. The most lucrative xBOMB is the earliest staked xBOMB!

Borrowing BUSM and Selling

This will be, by far, the best way to take profit from the BOMB money protocol, without selling BOMB or BSHARE! Once the BUSM/BUSD LP TVL increases, users will be able to borrow more BUSM, then sell this BUSM for any coin of their choice! We only recommend following this strategy when BUSM is near $1.00 and to sell in small amounts (to not affect token price drastically, as LP TVL increases you will be able to sell more).

If you would like to learn about borrowing BUSM, click here!

To buy BUSM for a discount under $1.00, click here!

Breaking this strategy down into simple steps;

  • Deposit printed BOMB into xBOMB contract .
  • Head to
  • Deposit xBOMB as collateral and choose the % you would like to borrow.
  • Sell BUSM for any coin (when price is near $1.00 and in smaller amounts).

Combining BOMB with Farm Rewards/Fresh Investment

In an ideal situation, pairing your printed BOMB with BSHARE rewards from our manual farms is a great way keep us printing long term! By doing this you apply no sell pressure to BOMB, you grow your position and support the protocol at the same time, everyone wins!

An example for using BSHARE rewards, going into the BOMB MAXI LP;

  • Your boardroom prints $1000 of BOMB.
  • Your farming positions (manual LP’s) have generated $250.
  • Sell $200 of BSHARE rewards for BTCB.

Go to the BOMB MAXI pool at ACSI Finance here.

  • Click INVEST and then click “OPTIMIZE”.
  • Once complete, head to our Manual BOMB MAXI Farm and stake your receipt token to be eligible for BSHARE rewards!
  • Stake remaining BSHARE in Boardroom or sell to another coin for profit!

An example for using new funds would be the same as above, instead of selling farm rewards just pair your printed BOMB with BTCB.

  • Your boardroom prints $1000 of BOMB.
  • You acquire $200 of BTCB from the market.
  • Follow steps above to pair!

How to safely take profit

The best way to safely take profit from the BOMB protocol is by selling BSHARE in small chunks, or by borrowing BUSM against xBOMB. Let’s cover these now!

Selling BSHARE

One of the easiest, most protocol friendly, ways to take profit from the ecosystem is to sell some of your LP rewards, BSHARE. When over peg consistently, BSHARE will naturally appreciate in value due to its high return in the boardroom, so selling BSHARE in bite sized amounts will be easily eaten up on the open market by other investors.

For example, let’s say you have 75% of your money in the 50/50 BOMB/BTCB LP Autovault and 25% in the 80/20 BSHARE/BNB MAXI LP Manual farm.

  • Your BOMB/BTCB LP will compound multiple times per day, increasing your position size within the BOMB protocol.
  • Every so often you can claim your BSHARE rewards from your BSHARE/BNB farm and sell on the open market for BNB, BUSD or any other token. Make sure you sell in small amounts!

Following the above example is great practice, you are continually supporting the protocol with your autovault position by deepening liquidity and creating BOMB buy pressure. The other bonus to this strategy is the constant stream of passive income you will be able to generate through selling your rewards!

Use the Autovaults

Applying constant buy pressure to BOMB, whilst deepening liquidity on the BOMB/BTCB pair, is key to creating a stable price for BOMB! Every two hours our autovaults sell their BSHARE rewards and buy the necessary tokens to increase the amount of LP tokens you are holding. These vaults offer a “hands-off” approach to investing, growing your position size constantly within the protocol.

A good strategy is to have an autovault running, we recommend the BOMB/BTCB 50/50 pool, alongside a smaller manual farm, which is used to take profits!

For example;

  • You have $10,000 in the BOMB/BTCB Autovault earning high APR daily, compounding!
  • You then have a smaller $2,000 manual farm which you use to take profits.

Spread the word!

One of the best options in helping BOMB print forever is by simply telling people all about us. Word of mouth goes a long way, be it in person or over social media! Join our socials, spread our Tweets, be active in discord and telegram, it’s all free!

We hope this guide gives you the information you need to make the right decisions when using the BOMB protocol!

Yours BASEDfully,

Aaron & Dan



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