Update to Reward Farm Point Distribution


I hope everyone enjoyed my first AMA yesterday — there will be many more coming!

I will keep this brief as I am hard at work getting our latest feature finalised and production ready.

For two reasons, we have decided to change the reward farm allocation to more heavily favour the BOMB-BTCB farm over the BSHARE-BNB farm.

First reason for the update, there will be a huge influx of funds into the BOMB-BTCB vaults/farms once we release the single stake BTC feature.

Secondly, the BOMB-BTCB autocompound vaults really help with the health of the protocol, and we want to incentivize our users to participate in this one as much as possible.

Original allocation was:

It has now been updated to:

This change is effective immediately, and updated APR/APY are now showing on both our farm pages, and our autocompound vaults.

If we feel this change is too much, or not enough, we will adjust accordingly. As well, we are always open to feedback from the community. Please let us know what you think of these changes!




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