Welcome BOMBERS, friends and Peggers!

If you’re new here, let’s quickly go over the relationship between Bomb Money and CZpegs. CZpegs is a project run, and lead, by our beloved doxxed dev, Aaron Shames. Aaron built the first fork of TOMB finance, Bomb Money, back in November 2021 and it has been performing fantastically throughout all market conditions! Over time we have learnt from mistakes, observed other protocols and cherry picked what we feel are the best parts of every TOMB for out there and combined them into one polished, final product! It is vital to understand that the CZpegs protocol, as well as these new additions, will serve as a foundation for BOMB to grow upon by providing constant buy pressure and demand, as well as offering high yield to EMP (ETH) and BNB enthusiasts all around Defi!

So is CZpegs working?

Simply put, yes! Our initial fees for genesis and boardroom fees have already been put to fantastic use, fending off larger BOMB sells and taking us closer to BOMB’s peg. We will continue to use these fees/genesis funds at our discretion, buys will not be announced as to avoid front running/malicious behaviour. The CZpegs system was largely designed around sustainability, retaining CZshares value, and fun consistent prints. The protocol itself is simply unstoppable, soon we will have all five token pairs over peg consistently, you can quote us on that!

Wait, you said five token pairs?

Yes, that’s right, four on CZpegs and one on BOMB money! On the 31st May 2pm EST (6pm UTC) we are starting the genesis stage of our new pairing, CZbusd / BUSD! By adding this option, we are really opening up our doors to all types of investors as we will have BTCB, ETH, BNB and BUSD pegs! Also, who doesn’t want to make crazy yield on a stablecoin?! Make sure you get in before the start of the genesis stage, stake your assets and get earning once it begins here! Genesis will last for 24 hours and then the CZbusd / BUSD farm will begin and the first CZbusd boardroom print will be 6 hours after the farm starts, make sure you buy your insanely valuable CZshares and stake them here!

Wen marketing, wen Travladd?

We are excited to announce, tomorrow! We have managed to secure an AMA with the one and only Travladd, not only is he one of the biggest Twitter names in Defi, he is also a huge Bitcoin maxi, a perfect fit for BOMB! Make sure to keep an eye out on our socials for the link to our AMA on the 31st May at 12PM EST (4pm UTC) with him, we really expect genesis, CZpegs and BOMB to experience a huge influx of funds.. Buy your assets, strap in, buckle up and hold on!

CZpegs strategies

If you haven’t seen already, there is a small section in our CZpegs documents devoted to this, with new strategies being added soon! The page for this can be found here. Without going into too much detail, we will quickly outline our recommended strategy below!

Using your funds available, choose a pegged LP farming pair from here, and allocate 80% into your chosen LP! If you would like exposure to our extremely valuable share token CZshares, we recommend 20% of your funds into the CZshares / BNB LP pairing. This pair is given the lion’s share of daily CZshares rewards, enabling it to receive an extremely high APR (currently 9.5% a day), making it one of the most lucrative investments in the whole CZpegs protocol! If you see CZshares as your real money maker/moon token, get them staked in the boardrooms located here instead! By doing this you have access to our HUGE boardroom prints which are currently well over 10% a day, plus you get full exposure to CZshares upside potential! Win win?!

There are so many strategies that could be used with CZpegs, the sky is the limit, but did you know one of the best is through BOMB?! By using printed BOMB from xBOMB or the Bomb money boardroom, you can sell half of your BOMB for CZbomb, without affecting BOMB / BTCB peg! How is this possible?

The only pool to affect BOMB peg to BTCB is the BOMB/BTCB LP. Any buys from any token have to go through BTCB to purchase BOMB, any sells of BOMB for any asset (CZbomb excluded) also have to go through BTCB.

You sell BUSD for BOMB. Path is BUSD > BTCB > BOMB. LP changes balance, peg changes and goes up!
You sell BOMB for BUSD. Path is BOMB > BTCB > BUSD. LP changes balance, peg also changes and goes down.

Now what happens when you sell BOMB for CZbomb?

It doesn’t go through BTCB as we have the CZbomb/BOMB LP, so the BOMB/BTCB LP is not affected in any way, so there is no change in peg!


You sell BOMB for CZbomb. Path is simply BOMB > CZbomb. No change to BOMB peg on bomb.money, it only changes the CZbomb peg on CZpegs, increasing it!

You sell CZbomb for BOMB. Path is, again, simply CZbomb > BOMB. No change to BOMB peg on bomb.money, it only changes the CZbomb peg on CZpegs, decreasing it.

So, what should you do?

A great place to park your excess/printed BOMB, and make CZpegs healthier (also making BOMB healthier), is into CZbomb/BOMB LP! It’s paying an insane APR and with the firepower of our team/protocol and BOMBERS, we can keep CZbomb pegged for a very long time! If you’re not a current BOMBER, we highly encourage you to get involved for steady BTCB gains! Make sure to visit our site here and join our developed protocol! We recommend the majority of your funds in the BOMB / BTCB LP farm with a smaller portion in either our BSHARE / BNB LP farm or have your BSHARE staked in the boardroom instead for when we’re printing consistently!

Final Thoughts

We are extremely happy with how well CZpegs has been received by the community and new investors. We cannot wait to keep growing, improving and bringing more value to all of our investors! Make sure you buy your assets before the AMA tomorrow and tune in, see you there!

Yours basedfully,

Dan and Aaron.




A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC. https://bomb.money

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Bomb Money

Bomb Money

A Tomb finance fork on BSC, with a price pegged to BTC. https://bomb.money

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