BOMB Shell: Capital Raise, PEG and Week Ahead

BOMBShell Monday: Capital Raise, PEG, and Week Ahead
BOMB Shell Monday: Capital Raise, PEG, and Week Ahead


Firstly, we’re getting very close to peg, well done all!!

Capital Raise

As announced on our Twitter Space last week, we were successful in securing funds from private investors. It was announced that these funds would start to be put to work today, Monday April 11th. That has already started as can be seen in the charts, we are well on the way to peg!

It is important to understand that our number one priority with investment capital is to generate a return for the investors. We will act in any ways necessary to protect the investors capital, regardless what this entails. This is not a free pass to sell unlimited BOMB at inflated prices, we will quickly act in any way required to protect investor funds.

Of course, it is also high priority for us to improve peg and overall health of the protocol if this can be done while protecting investor funds and generating returns.

We will be putting funds to work at the pace that we deem best given priorities mentioned above.

We have been asked numerous times how much the investment amount is in total, when it will be injected and into which parts of the protocol. To prevent being front-run or having this capital injection otherwise being taken advantage of, we will keep this information private. All you need to know is that BOMB is the best place to be in the whole of DeFi and crypto right now!

Maintaining Peg

If you haven’t already, make sure you read the below article to educate yourself on how to print forever:

In a nutshell;

  • Don’t sell printed BOMB, convert to xBOMB for its 2000% APR and use-cases!
  • Utilize the manual farm BSHARE rewards to take profits/add to printed BOMB to put into the farms!

Maintaining peg should be the main aim for everyone, we can attract more investors, partnerships and a higher TVL. In addition to this, BSHARE will keep increasing in value above peg, and we have provided great places to park your reward BOMB, largely xBOMB, with its 2,000+% APR that will be seen once out of debt phase.

One thing we have noticed is a few are selling large amounts of BOMB for BSHARE. Unless we are well over peg this is not a good idea, you will be shooting yourself in the foot! By dropping below peg you are making your BSHARE less useful, hence the price will drop. One of the best strategies to acquire BSHARE’s is to utilize our manual farms, found HERE. As you farm them, add them into your Boardroom to earn BOMB!

Week Ahead

We have quite the week ahead of us, many exciting events such as new releases, partnerships, and more for the BOMB Money protocol and all faithful #BOMBERS.

I expect the the majority of the following to happen at some point this week:

  • Reach PEG and begin printing once again!
  • Related to point one, getting out of the debt phase
  • New UI likely to be usable before next BOMB Shell
  • Midas Capital partnership with xBOMB and BOMB+BTCB LP (while still farming!) collateral options
  • Beefy partnership once over peg
  • Probably a few items I can’t remember right now (And Handford is drunk, not much help LOL)

We can’t wait to celebrate all our upcoming partnerships, as well as reaching peg, with you all. Let’s grow BOMB to (conservatively) 5B TVL together!

Make sure you’re keeping up with our socials, who knows what surprise may spring up in one of them!


Aaron and Dan



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